Non Domestic Passive House Design Guidelines


The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has previously prepared guidelines on the Passive House for both new-build and retrofitted single family dwellings.

This document presents guidance for what is loosely referred to hereafter as ‘non-domestic’ Passive House projects, including buildings such as schools and offices as well as multi-residential apartment projects. The term Passive House is perhaps, at face value, somewhat misleading insofar as it simplies that this standard of construction pertains only to ‘houses’ (or single family dwellings).

Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as will be well illustrated in these guidelines. In Section 4, for example, a very broad range of case study Passive House projects will be presented, including not just offices and schools, but also a large Irish supermarket, a church, sports hall, factory and veterinary clinic. It would appear that the principles of Passive House can be applied to just about any building type.

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