Danish Must-Have Magic Box for Your Home

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Written by Edel Tinsley Hits: 1651

Danish Must-Have Magic Box for Your Home

I remember well my first mobile phone. It was singular in function – for making telephone calls. A few years later someone came up with the crazy idea of sending text messages. “That’ll never take off” the cynics scoffed. Next thing you know you could take photographs with your phone, then email, apps and then free live video calls with loved ones on the far side of the world. Amazing stuff…. In a few short years, the mobile phone industry had stuffed so much stuff into your device that you’d never get to use the half of it.

Compare this to the technology in your house. One guy supplies the hot water tank, the heating system and radiators, the electrician fits the extractor fans in the bathrooms and kitchen and there might be a solar system on the roof. Getting these technologies talking to one another is a dark-art. One contractor blames the other and in the end you’re left with three or four components cobbled together which might - just might - work well for a few weeks or as long as it takes the last contractor to get a few miles down the road. It’s a ridiculous system. Actually, correction. That’s the problem – it’s not a system at all.

dan1   dan2
Nilan’s Magic Box Compact P   Engineer and founder Torben Andersen


Enter the Danes. More specifically, a wonderful company by the name of Nilan owned and operated by a most inspiring Torben Andersen.

Nilan makes what I like to call the ‘magic box’. Quite simply, it is the ‘smart phone’ of the home technology sector. It does pretty much everything you need for home comfort and health and all in one cool white box. Just wheel it in, connect it up and forget about it.

Whole house balanced heat recovery ventilation? Tick. Domestic hot water? Absolutely. Heating system? Of course. No oil, no gas, no coal. Quiet as a whisper, seriously efficient and certified by the German Passive House Institute. Boom!

I’m standing in Waterford Airport in August with a number of developers and builders awaiting our host Torben to collect us in his private plane and take us to his ‘Magic Kingdom’ (just up the road from Lego Land) where he designs and makes this amazing kit. Torben is clearly a man who has a profound understanding of air, whether it’s passing over the wings of his fabulous jet or through his ventilation equipment. Torben personally flew the jet back to Denmark, ably assisted by one of his software engineers, to visit some case study projects and take a tour of the factory. For me as a Passive House fanatic, it was like a back-stage pass to Santa’s grotto. I’m writing this on the flight home, not six feet behind Captain Torben the man who dedicates his life work to make great indoor environments through super smart engineering.

dan3   dan4
PHA Director Tomás O’Leary boards the Nilan jet   The production plant in Denmark


No self-respecting home of the future will be without one of these magic boxes (Nilan Compact P to be more precise). Put it this way, would you go back to a mobile phone that just makes phone calls?

Didn’t think so.

Huge thanks to Mauirce Falvey of Nilan Ireland for making this trip happen.